I can remember sitting at the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio, March of 2009, watching the competitors in awe. At the time I weighed 204lbs with 20% body fat, thinking how badly I wanted to get up on that stage but how far I was from it. I wanted be in the best shape of my life and step on that stage proud of my accomplishment. For the past few years I had been dealing with some nagging injuries suffered in a car accident, falling into bad habits of comfort and stress eating, accompanied with a sedentary lifestyle.

Upon my return home I began to envision what I needed to do in order to make my dream of getting on stage possible. I picked out a show for September 12, 4 days after my 30th birthday, giving me a great goal to focus on. I began following a reasonable diet, consistent strength training and corrective exercise routine. Every week I could see myself transform and it pushed me that much harder.

With their expertise in diet, all things Bodybuilding, and most importantly, their amazing support system, Anthony and Karen carried me to my first bodybuilding win, taking 1st place in the Novice middleweight and Overall Champion at the Long Island Experience on September 12. I achieved my goal of being in the best shape of my life and well surpassed it. On contest day I weighed 166lbs with 3.3% body fat, that’s a loss of 35lbs of fat!

Project my life! Anthony And Karen gave me the tools, inspiration and support to take my body and mind to new levels neither I, nor others around me thought possible. Along the way I have been able to inspire and help so many with what I’ve learned.

I have a newfound approach to life, full of confidence and energy to attack everyday. I am forever grateful. This is Project mylife!

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