5 day bodybuilding training program


5 Day Bodybuilding Training Program

Ideal for beginners to intermediate weight lifters. Train each body part twice per week with this 5-day bodybuilding training program. Each unique workout has everything laid out for you; reps, sets, and recommended rest periods.  Walk into the gym with confidence, knowing this program has everything you need to bring your physique to the next level. Get AMPED.


AMPED Bodybuilding & Fitness

Anthony Monetti’s Physical Education (AMPED) is a structured training plan designed to illustrate a practical approach to building a lean muscular physique. All AMPED programs are progressive, which means you will constantly increase the weights you lift and continually vary the reps, sets, and duration of workouts. This may also be described as a “non-linear approach” which will help avoid plateaus, eliminate boredom, and reduce injury. Each workout includes a recommended rep, set, and rest time to go along with each exercise.  The AMPED Non- Linear approach is what allows you to work on both strength and hypertrophy (building muscle) simultaneously while being efficient with your time in the gym. This 5-day bodybuilding training program is a part of the AMPED Bodybuilding Blueprint.


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