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Project My Life Success Stories

At bodhi we encourage our members to push their perceived limits and discover what makes them shine! Everyone has their own unique story and this page is dedicated to those life changing stories from our bodhi members!

Our member Katie has lost over 70lbs while she has been a bodhi member.

Katie has, like all of us, gone through rough patches in life. The thing that separates Katie from so many other people is that she never gave in to these rough patches. Instead Katie made a choice to get help. She came to us and asked for our help.

Us being Body Transformation Specialists we decided to take Katie on as a client. Since then we have seen Katie lose over 70lbs, gain her self confidence back as well as achieve her own personal goals (performing pull ups)!

We as so proud of her progress and her work ethic! Keep inspiring us Katie!

I felt like I never wanted to wear sleeveless tops because of my arms. But now, I feel confident and strong and I love when I catch a glimpse of my arm muscles in the mirror 😉

One word – 

When I want describe myself now, the word that comes to mind is “confident” – I feel great and have been working hard to get here, so I’m loving it!! 

My MIND and my MOOD are really what have improved the most.

What did you see when you looked in the mirror before you started your journey, and what do you see now?

Before, I saw a person who talked a lot and thought a lot about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle but, I never actually followed through with it. I saw a person who was nowhere near what their potential could be.

I lost 28.75 pounds over twelve
weeks. When I checked in in early May 2019 (six months after the start), I was down a total 53.75
pounds. I’m not done yet, and I’m eager to see where I’ll be in another six months’ time.

What did you see when you looked in the mirror before you started your journey and what do you see now?

I was never happy looking in the mirror before; it’s hard to be comfortable in your skin when there’s so damn much of it! Nowadays, I probably still focus too much on what I still need to lose, but I can see the change I’ve made so far, and I now have something to be proud of. It blows my mind when see photos and video from when I started!

I am most proud of my ability to push through even when I don’t feel like doing… learning to push through it and realizing that no one else is going to do it for me has been what I’m most proud of.

When was the exact moment you decided to transform?

I would have to say it was probably during the walk up to my apt after being stopped by Anthony on the street to come into Bodhi for a running seminar. I knew I could just ignore the request (even though he said he saw me all the time….) or go see what this gym was all about – try something new that was a bit unexpected and scary… am so glad I decided to try something outside my comfort zone.

“It’s time to make a change, for myself, my business and my family”

What did I see in the mirror – 

When I first looked in the mirror I didn’t see myself. 

I didn’t see what I see in my head. I saw the truth obviously. I saw pictures of myself and I just didn’t look the way I want to but it didn’t look like what I had in my mind is what my body should be like. Now when I look in the mirror I’m down 17 1/2 pounds already I look in the mirror I feel good I know I’m a little bit more narrow than I was before I definitely lost some weight.

When you’re big and out of shape and you’re self conscious, people tend to look right through you. The members at bodhi looked AT me and saw me as a human being

When was the exact moment you decided to transform?

I tell people that the moment I decided to to do this is when I became diabetic. I had been pre-diabetic for years, and my bloodwork finally ticked over to diabetic. But that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’d been unhappy for a while about my weight and lack of fitness: trouble getting out of bed and out of my car; gasping for breath after a flight of stairs; not recognizing myself in photographs.

It’s so amazing, you know you’re getting the physical benefit, and the nutritional benefit, BUT that mental clearing out your mind makes all the difference

The exact moment I decided to transform?

Growing up I had always been mindful of exercising and trying to stay fit and would go in and out of routines and regimens but as lift went on I made up more and more excuses to not really keep up with it. 

My biggest accomplishment is being able to do box jumps and the pants sizes that I have lost

What did you see when you looked in the mirror before you started your journey, and what do you see now?

I was living an unhealthy lifestyle so I decided to make a change. Now when I look in the mirror I see the results of all my hard work.

How much weight have you lost?

I have lost 79lbs!

I think my biggest accomplishment is the general knowledge that I have gained about health and wellness.

Biggest challenge –

My biggest challenge or obstacle has always been consistency. It’s so easy to fall into a funk and make excuses as to why you can’t work out one day, or why you didn’t make the healthiest choices, and that is something I have definitely struggled with before. I just have to make a conscious effort when I find myself starting to make those excuses to not allow myself to do that. It is so much harder starting over then it is to squeeze a 1 hour workout into your day. Life is going to happen, and excuses will always be there. You have to make yourself a priority because no one else is going to do it for you.


My mission is to build a community where I would help others transform their body without drugs or surgery and create a more fulfilling life

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