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Somerville Challenge 5k – Fitness Fun Run-signup

Somerville Challenge 5k

This is Somerville’s Anual Obstacle Race!

bodhi by Anthony Monetti presents the Somerville Challenge 5k: an obstacle course run for a cause! Proceeds go to the Somerville Rescue Squad– an all-volunteer organization serving the community since 1928. In 2017, the first inaugural Somerville Challenge 5k raised $2,500.00 for the 1st responders of Somerville NJ!

What is it?

The Somerville Challenge 5k takes you through the scenic Peters Brook Greenway, where you’ll encounter challenges and obstacles designed by the personal trainers from bodhi in downtown Somerville. Whether you’re a part of a team or solo, if this is your first 5k or you’re an obstacle race veteran, these unique challenges will guarantee you cross the finish line dirty, sweaty, and smiling.

How can I register?

Click here to register yourself. You can go solo, or register a team of up to 20 people!

What kind of obstacles can I expect during the Somerville Challenge 5k?

Block Party – An obstacle that challenges your strength and endurance. But don’t worry, you have the option to carry 1 – 3 cinder blocks depending on your fitness level. Carry the cinder blocks anyway you can, just don’t drop them. If you do, either start over or take the optional fitness challenge.

Lumber logger – For this you are a lumberjack or lumberjill. Your challenge is to stack, organize and carry the desired amount of timber and run the distance. Drop one?  No problem. Simply complete the fitness challenge, pick up your tiber and continue.

Over/Unders – or is it under/over? Either way, you will be challenged with climbing over and crawling under obstacles while racing to the finish.

Mystery memory challenge – well, that’s a mystery. But keep in mind, fitness is just as much mental as it is physical and when you put the two together, magic happens. Pay attention!

Army crawl – Go on your belly and move like an insect. Worm along, squirm or slither, just make sure you are moving on hands and knees. This could also be called mud and guts.

Keg Carry – You can thank our partners at Project P.U.B. for this one! This obstacle will challenge your strength and endurance but don’t worry you can partner up or carry solo. Either way, you get free entry into the OktoberFest, courtesy of Project P.U.B. as long as you’re 21.

Ground is lava! – Not really. But this obstacle requires balance, stability and coordination. Stepping, jumping and landing on odd objects can get tricky and this will make you slow down a bit to concentrate on not falling in the not lava.

Tire you out – With a sea of tires, you must not touch the tire but the ground in between. High knees everywhere!

The Gauntlet!

SomverVilleCover-5K-Somerville Challenge 5k fun run sponsored by bodhi by anthony monetti

SomverVilleCover-5K-Somerville Challenge 5k fun run sponsored by bodhi by anthony monetti

The tire run!

SomverVilleCover-5K-Somerville Challenge 5k fun run sponsored by bodhi by anthony monetti

The log shuffle!

SomverVilleCover-5K-Somerville Challenge 5k fun run sponsored by bodhi by anthony monetti

Registration for the 2018 Somerville Challenge 5k run is now open!

March 2 – June 29, 2019 – $30.00 (early bird pricing)
June 30 – September 17, 2018 – $35.00
September 18 – September 27, 2018 – $45.00

Register here today and save!

How can I train for this event?

Our Small Group Training classes include both strength and conditioning components, and will give you all you need to run the Somerville Challenge 5k with confidence!

Somerville Challenge 5k on Facebook

Head over to our Somerville Challenge 5k facebook community page and let us know if you are interested! Click here to find Somerville Challenge 5k on Facebook.

Somerville Challenge 5k sponsored by bodhi by anthony monetti somerville nj

About bodhi by anthony monetti

Located in the heart of Somerville, bodhi is a personalized fitness training studio specializing in body transformations through a holistic mind body spirit approach. Strength training, bodybuilding, yoga, pilates, and nutrition coaching makes up bodhi’s unique 90-day transformation program. bodhi provides an innovative approach to personal development structured around individual goals, effective fitness training and quality nutrition.

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