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full body strength training workouts at bodhi by anthony monetti

Strength training goes way beyond lifting things up and putting them down. As we know, success isn’t linear, and neither should your workouts. Based on the fundamentals of physical education, the bodhi strength and functional training program is designed to cover all aspects of getting stronger, building muscle and performing like an athlete. With a combination of 27  years experience as a drug-free competitive bodybuilder and modern day science, Anthony Monetti has developed principles in which he and his coaching team educate you on.

Each week of the month is dedicated to a specific goal with exercises to coincide. Each day is different from the next which all include a metabolic conditioning component. Our main group training calendar is based upon strength and conditioning principles that have developed world-class athletes.


  • Power and Strength – You will learn how to properly perform and advance the main 6 main exercises that have built world class athletes and will lay the ground work for any strength training program.
  • Hypertrophy – In text book terms this means building muscle. Exercises with unique rep and set combinations will focus on specific muscles of the body to tighten, tone and create the look you see on the covers of fitness magazines.
  • Aerobic / Anaerobic Conditioning – A well balanced physique consists of looking good of course, but also having the heart, lung, and muscular endurance to match. This metabolic conditioning week will test and improve your overall athletic performance. Not an athlete? that’s ok, you will feel like one after this week.
  • Transition – We like to call this week technique as well, as we focus on exercises and movements that need extra attention. It takes thousands of reps to master perfect form even on some basic human movements. As we advance as athletic human beings we want to make sure we maintain the quality over quantity principle.

Below is an example of a typical strength training week at bodhi.

Strength Training Day 1

Some Supine and Prone Scorpions
Squat Holds w/Movement

Cossack Lunge
Glute Bridges w/ Marches
Air Squat w/Band

Back Squats

Walkout w/Hop
KB Squat Cleans (Swing)

Strength Training Day 2

Seated Banded Hamstring
Transverse Bridge

Plate Shrug to Row
Banded Hip Throughs
Straight Arm Pull Downs

Pendlay Row

Lateral Jump Squats
V-up w/figure 8’s

Strength Training Day 3

Banded Shoulder Distraction
Can Openers & Around the World

Plank Scapula Rockers
Plate Pullovers
Roman Sit Ups

BB Push Press

WB Sit Up
Alt KB Russian Swings

Strength Training Day 4

Banded Hip Distraction
Banded Lat and Lower Back Distraction

Lateral Band Walks
Side Step Squats

Front Squat

Russian Twists
Box Jumps
KB American Swings

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