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How to build muscle

What is the best rep range for building muscle? Is it 2-4? Or is it 4-6? Ask a powerlifter, and they might say it’s more beneficial to train with a much heavier weight for 2 reps even with a 1 rep sub max weight. I personally believe there is so much advice these days that […]

The beginner guide to fitness – bodhi basics

The beginner guide to fitness. The beginner guide to fitness program (bodhi basics) is the foundation for all of our fitness training programs. This physical education class allows new members to develop a knowledge of the basic principles of working out. All members will graduate with an understanding of proper exercise form, workout structure, and […]

Immune-boosting foods

Immune-boosting foods Heres a quick guide full of natural immune-boosting foods! The common cold it’s that time of year again, missed time at work or school, events, and time out with friends. did you know it is estimated that between 5 and 20 percent of Americans will fall victim to some form of flu-like symptoms […]

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