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healthy weight loss

Healthy Weight loss can happen at any age. Just ask Chris Miller. Chris recently turned 60 years old and decided to regain his life. With a healthy weight loss approach, Chris not only feels “young as f*ck”, he lose 80lbs and continues to dig deeper each and every day as he builds muscle and burns fat.  After accepting the […]

fit at 50

fit at 50 with Elena Many people have walked through our doors, each with their very own unique story. Karen and I have had the pleasure of coaching some amazingly strong humans, and Elena is one that not only transformed her body into a sexy bikini champion but has gone on to inspire her whole family! […]

13 Strategies to Overcome Eating Disorders

Disordered eating is a difficult topic to approach, not least of all because most people with eating disorders remain silent about it. To a non-professional, the qualifications for “officially” having an eating disorder aren’t clear. Having an eating disorder doesn’t necessarily mean you’re under a certain body fat percentage, or only eat 500 calories per […]

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