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Medicine Ball Slam

Medicine Ball (MB) Slam or slam ball In this video, we explain how to perform the Medicine Ball Slam exercise. Why: The medicine ball slam exercise improves strength in your abdominal, core, and lower back muscles while building cardiorespiratory endurance. How: If you have access to “slam balls” this is best as the ball is […]

fit at 50

fit at 50 with Elena Many people have walked through our doors, each with their very own unique story. Karen and I have had the pleasure of coaching some amazingly strong humans, and Elena is one that not only transformed her body into a sexy bikini champion but has gone on to inspire her whole family! […]

Bodhi Success

Bodhi Beginners: An Easy Guide to Success In the beginning, any new fitness plan can be an intimidating and daunting task. For many of our members, most have never stepped foot in a gym and are starting from square one. With all the various exercises, ques, and acronymns (EMOM? AMRAP?!? MOB?!? ACON?!!? WTF!!!!), the first […]

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