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You're about to discover how you will...

  • Eat the foods you enjoy and still lose weight.
  • Workout in less time with maximum results.
  • Build unshakable confidence, live your best life!

Lose fat forever.

Transform your body, live your best life.

This program was designed for people who have tried to lose weight in the past only to regain more in the end. If you’ve ever found yourself on a roller coaster of losing weight and gaining weight, this program is meant for you.

We’ve noticed a trend over the last 20 years. Obesity and weight-related diseases have reached an all-time high. However, the health and fitness industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry. How is this possible with more and more advice and products available that “help with weight loss”?

The problem isn’t a lack of interest or information. We believe the problem lies between patience and instant gratification. As we’ve grown to be a high-speed society, we expect instant results; including building muscle and losing weight. Although google can answer any of our questions within seconds, we can’t expect lifestyle habits to change overnight.

Increased energy.

No more mid day mood swings and energy crashes. With this transformation program, you will learn how to plan your meals and your workouts to fuel you not break you down.

More confidence.

Walk into the board room, or back to school night to handle any situation with self confidence and level-headedness. When you look and feel your best, you can handle the rest with ease and assurance of your capabilities.

Lead my example.

We believe everyone has he right (and ability) to look and feel their best. To look in the mirror each day with pride of who you are and what you are successful at. When your kids, or colleagues see you as happy and healthy, the positive influence changes their life as well. In a noisy world full of negative people and challenges, it is our responsibility to lead a lifestyle that inspires positivity and self love.

Jason lost 12 pounds and dropped 6% body fat in 12 weeks.

Joe lost 26lbs and dropped 9.9% body fat in 12 weeks.

Kevin N. lost 14 lbs. and dropped 5.1% body fat in 12 weeks.

Steve lost 18.5 lbs. and dropped 7.4% body fat in 12 weeks.

"I've regained control"

That's what Kevin said when we asked him about his experience with our transformation program.


While applying what he learned during our 12-week body transformation program, Kevin continues to transform his body. As a result, Kevin has lost an additional 25 lbs. and is proud to tell you that he currently weighs 171.5lbs! Besides losing 50lbs (+) Kevin has been reunited with his passion for running while completing multiple 5k races and a 10 mile-er.


Kevin H. lost 28 pounds in his first 12 weeks, and continued to burn fat and build muscle using the plan we customized for him. Watch the video below and prepared to be inspired!

"I weigh less now, than I did in high school"

That's what Jen said when we asked her about what she was most proud of..


Jen wanted to get healthy, so she began with the bodhi 30 Day Beginner's Guide To Fitness.

Jen lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks. And, continued to burn fat and build muscle. Jen's total weight loss is 106 lbs.

Watch the video below and prepared to be inspired!

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A few notes from, weekly check-ins

It's not our business, It's our life.

Hi! 👋🏽 I'm Anthony Monetti. I have been using fitness as a drug to chill my ADHD since I was 13. I became a Certified Personal Trainer in 1999, and have dedicated my life to coaching others ever since. I became a WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) professional bodybuilder in 2008 and have placed 2nd in the Mr Universe twice. The program you are about to experience, has been formulated using the same principles I have applied to my professional bodybuilding career. However, you do not have to be a bodybuilder to reap the benefits of this program. Although, the discipline, structure and integrity core values are what will ensure your success. And of course, living your best life!

Anthony Monetti - WNBF Professional Bodybuilder, Co-Founder of bodhi.

Hi! 🤗 I'm Karen Monetti! I am a Certified Nutrition Coach and have a burning passion for educating you on all things food related. After graduating from Stockton University with a Bachelor's Degree in Phycology I realized I wanted more fitness in my life. In 2004, I became a WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) figure competitor. In 2011, I became Ms Universe and Ms World while adapting the core principles you are about to learn about; Discipline, Structure, Integrity. My philosophy is simple, proper preparation prevents poor performance. I am excited to teach you how this thinking can not only help you create your best body, but your BEST LIFE!

Karen Monetti - Certified Nutrition Coach, Ms Universe, Ms World, co-founder bodhi.

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

NO B.S. - Straightforward, Practical 💯

Our approach is straight forward. No quick fixes, and no magic pills. Once we assess your current fitness level, we design the most practical plan for you to reach success and the body and life you have always dreamed about. We coach you through obstacles and help you through challenges that have been holding you back for years.

Flexible Meal Planning ✅

Learn how to lose weight permanently. Yes, permanently. By now, we all know how to lose weight. If not just google how to lose weight and you will find thousands of unique weight loss strategies. And although health and wellness is a billion dollar industry, 95% of people who lose weight gain it all back. And then some.

There are thousands of diets available these days, in fact, we believe that’s where the problem lies. With so many “lose weight fast” diets streaming our devices daily, people get confused and don’t know what’s actually the correct way to lose weight. Therefore, they try them all and never give one diet plan enough time to work. And when they do work, it is usually a short term success because the plan was too drastic and not sustainable.

Personalized Fitness Plan ✅

A structured fitness plan, tailored to your individual goals. We all know the importance of exercising daily, but just "working out" to burn calories is not efficient. Having a structured fitness plan that is customized to fit your needs and wants is crucial to your success. We will outline a complete fitness plan with details of exact reps, sets, and rest periods. You will know exactly what to do when walking into the gym, so you can focus on doing the work.

Guaranteed Results ✅

Our mission is to help you develop a plan that works for you. We are full committed to your success, and require you to be as well. As a team we will find solutions to your most challenging obstacles, and with your honesty and dedication to this plan results are inevitable. If you follow our guidance and the plan we create 100%, your success if guaranteed.

We will help you find the best diet and exercise program that works for you. Your lifestyle, your goals, your dream body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Do I have to be a bodybuilder to take advantage of this program?
A. Absolutely not! In fact, this program was designed for the non-competitor. However, you will be applying the same exact principles that have been used for world class athletes!

Q. Is this program for men or women?
Both! Hundreds of men and women have lost thousands of pounds with the Best-Life coaching program. The process is the same, and we will work with you to figure out a plan that supports your lifestyle.

Q. What if I don't live in NJ?
A. No problem! We work remotely and can still give you the personalized attention you deserve using web based communication; email, video conferencing and social media.

Q. What if I'm not ready to commit?
A. Well, this program is NOT for you just yet. We are 100% committed to coaching you to your best life and that requires you to fully commit as well. Maybe a better option for now is to check out our online group training classes. You can learn more about the bodhi group fitness classes here.

Q. I already have a busy schedule, will this program be too much for me to handle?
That depends on how committed you are. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you to incorporate into your busy schedule. This program is meant to take the guess work out of living a healthy life. And once you apply our techniques, you will find yourself having more time, and more energy for things you enjoy most!

Q. Will this program help me burn fat and build muscle?
Absolutely! That IS the core of the Best-Life Program. We will give you the tools and support you need to transform and create your dream body! Workout plans with exact reps, sets and rest periods will be tailored to your current fitness level. Along with our personal coaching support you will also have access to our nutrition education video series that you can watch anytime!

Q. Most programs I've been on make me take supplements to lose weight, does this program require that?
Nope! We believe quality food is king. The natural foods we eat should take care of all vitamins and minerals we need. And, if you have a sound nutrition plan there will be no need for taking unnecessary supplements. 

Q. I love eating out and enjoy drinking socially with my friends, do I have to stop?
A. Absolutely not! We eat ice cream every night and on the weekends, enjoy bourbon and wine! The key is to know how to incorporate your most loved foods while living a healthy lifestyle. The goal of this program is help you create a plan that is sustainable. Moderation is key and we will lead the way for you!

Q. How much does this program cost?
A. The 6 Week Weight Loss Academy costs 597.00 This will be the best investment you will ever make if your goal is to lose weight permanently, and to never have to diet ever again!

When Was The Last Time You Looked And Felt Your Best? 

Join the hundreds of others just like you who decided to live life to their full potential.

Your BEST LIFE awaits you!

Lose Fat Forever!

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The next Weight Loss Academy launch at bodhi begins September 28, 2020.

This program is limited to 10 at a time in order to provide you with the most personalized coaching. All participants must apply. Please apply by scheduling a phone call to discuss if this program is a good fit for you. Schedule a 1-1 call with one of our membership advisors today!