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bodhi Somerville NJ

bodhi fitness and nutrition is a formulated wellness program that provides support and education to help you create your best quality of life. Backed by science, and of course results.

Learn how to eat healthy for your needs while still maintaining your busy schedule, family, and social life. Throughout your program, your coach will educate you on and provide you the tools to healthy living, through email support, group consultations and 1 on 1 accountability check-ins.

We coach you on:

  • Meal planning
  • Creating a healthy plate
  • Flexible dieting
  • Dining out
  • Understanding protein, carbohydrates, fats
  • The science of weight loss
  • Weight management (once you hit your goal)

The body transformation program at bodhi somerville nj offers weight loss solutions and muscle building programs will change your life, we guarantee it.

Weight loss Solution
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The secrets to lose weight and keeping it off permanently!
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