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Weight Loss Solutions

When searching the internet for weight loss solutions, most results show diet as a key factor. Although we agree that having a well-balanced diet is important there are many other solutions to weight loss that we should discuss.

Weight loss Solution Meal Planning at bodhi in somerville NJ

Eat what you want and lose weight at bodhi

#1 reason why you can’t lose weight

Before we get into ways in which you can lose weight, I’d like to talk about one major reason why we see many people struggle to lose weight and keep it off.

When people get inspired to finally lose the 30lbs they’ve been aggravated and depressed about for years, they take immediate action. The impulsive decision to change is powerful because it comes from an emotional pain of not feeling great about themselves. 

Eat what you want and lose weight.

Think diet as a verb; to regulate the food of, especially in order to improve the physical condition. We don’t like to say diet, as in weight loss, because as a society we have been pressured and convinced that there is one secret “DIET” out there that will act as a miracle for weight loss. The cookie cutter approach to weight loss is something of the past.

Here’s the secret you have been waiting for. There is no secret. As is life, losing weight is a process and if you don’t take the time to learn how your body works from a physiological standpoint you will always be on the losing weight, gaining more, roller coaster diet.

We will help you find the best program that fits your goals!

Lose weight without dieting at bodhi somerville nj

Lose Weight Without Dieting

For example, Joe (a member of bodhi) lost 26 pounds in 12 weeks by following a simple diet and exercise plan. Although we believe in restricting calories, we don’t believe in eliminating the foods we enjoy most.

During Joe’s 12-week body transformation his daughter celebrated her birthday. Want to know what Joe did? Joe followed the plan he created with his coach while eating cake for his daughter’s birthday. Therefore, Joe ate cake and lost weight too.

Permanent Weight Loss

Learn how to lose weight permanently. Yes, permanently. By now, we all know how to lose weight. If not just google how to lose weight and you will find thousands of unique weight-loss strategies. And although health and wellness is a billion-dollar industry, 95% of people who lose weight gain it all back. And then some.

There are thousands of diets available these days, in fact, we believe that’s where the problem lies. With so many “lose weight fast” diets streaming our devices daily, people get confused and don’t know what’s actually the correct way to lose weight. Therefore, they try them all and never give one diet plan enough time to work. And when they do work, it is usually a short term success because the plan was too drastic and not sustainable.

We will help find the best program for you!
The Correct Way To Build Muscle and Burn Fat at bodhi

Build Muscle Burn Fat

Usually, the first thing most people think to do when they want to lose weight is to go on a diet. In addition to restricting calories (often severely) the dieter will add additional cardio (often too much) into their week.

We love cardio just as much as we love a healthy diet. However, the fastest way to burn fat is to incorporate strength training also known as resistance training 3-4 days per week. As you build muscle by strengthening your body, a few key actions take place.

Incorporate full-body strength training workouts into your weekly routine to:

  • Burn more calories up to 24 hours after weight training
  • Increase speed at which you metabolize food (faster metabolism)
  • Reduce injury by strengthening ligaments/increasing bone density
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Strengthen mental health
  • Elevate confidence and boost morale

Build muscle and burn fat at bodhi somerville nj

bodhi Somerville NJ

bodhi fitness and nutrition is a formulated wellness program that provides support and education to help you create your best quality of life. Backed by science, and of course results.

Learn how to eat healthy for your needs while still maintaining your busy schedule, family, and social life. Throughout your program, your coach will educate you on and provide you the tools to healthy living, through email support, group consultations and 1 on 1 accountability check-ins.

We coach you on:

  • Meal planning
  • Creating a healthy plate
  • Flexible dieting
  • Dining out
  • Understanding protein, carbohydrates, fats
  • The science of weight loss
  • Weight management (once you hit your goal)

The body transformation program at bodhi somerville nj offers weight loss solutions and muscle building programs will change your life, we guarantee it.

Weight loss Solution
We will help find the best program for you!

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